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Sign Nylon cable tie

YAGE is a manufacturer based in China that produces Anti-skid cable ties designed for managing and securing flat cables or wires. Unlike traditional round cable clips, these cable ties are specifically designed to accommodate the unique shape and dimensions of flat cables. The Anti-skid cable ties are a practical solution for organizing and securing flat cables in a range of applications. With their reliable and efficient design, YAGE Sign Nylon cable tie are an ideal choice for cable management.cable ties products have the characteristics of fast binding, good insulation, self-locking and fastening, and convenient use. A good nylon tie should be transparent and clear, even if the color is slightly yellowed, it is not a big problem and should not be cloudy or black. The quality of materials is also a key point related to the quality. The molecular structure of plastics will change after multiple high-temperature melting screw shearing, especially for PA66, the raw material for nylon cable ties. The outstanding wear resistance and tensile properties of nylon make it widely used in cable ties. Nylon straps are made of UL approved nylon 66 (Nylon 66) material by injection molding, with a fire rating of 94V-2. They have good acid resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, resistance to aging, and strong load-bearing capacity. Operating temperature from -20 ℃ to+80 ℃ (regular nylon 66). Widely used in electronic factories, bundling internal connecting wires such as televisions and computers, fixing internal wiring in products such as lighting, motors, and electronic toys, fixing oil pipelines in mechanical equipment, fixing cable lines on ships, packaging bicycles or bundling other objects, and also suitable for bundling items such as agriculture, horticulture, and handicrafts.

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Product Description

Sign Nylon cable tie

Leaf cable ties, also known as tree tie or plant tie, are specifically designed to support and secure trees, shrubs, and plants. They are made from a soft and flexible material that is gentle on the plant's delicate bark and branches, preventing any damage or scarring. Leaf cable ties come in various sizes and lengths to accommodate different plant sizes and shapes.

The unique leaf design of these cable ties provides a natural appearance that blends seamlessly with the plant, making them a preferred choice for horticulturists and landscapers. They are ideal for use in applications such as securing young saplings, training plants to grow in a specific direction, and supporting branches that may be too heavy.

Anti-skid cable tie Feature And Application

Material: 100% Made with durable nylon PA 66
Color: Usual color white and black,other color customized
Temperature: cold -35 degrees
Size: 10*900mm etc.
Feature: Anti skid/slip,Eco-Friendly
Heat resistance, acid & erosion proof, good insulation, high tensile strength, not apt to age.
Function: Helps with vehicle traction when stuck in snowy, muddy & sandy conditions
Application: Universal fit for all car wheels
Package: Polybag + Label + Standard exporting cartons
Installation Temperature:
-10°C ~+85°C
Working Temperature:
-40°C ~+85°C
Fast binding, good insulation, self-locking and easy to use.

Anti-skid cable tie Color

Color: Usual color white and black,other color customized

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