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Found in 2009, more than 10 years for producing cable tie Covering 10,000 square meters factory plant. Over 150 staff, 20 people graduated from college .20pcs of automatic injection machines. Exporting more than 20 countries such as North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Japan, Middle East and the Southeast Asla marker.


Our Service

In order to establish a product quality and service supervision mechanism, ensure the effective use of products on the demand side, and provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services, it is our duty to do a good job in after-sales service, and quality tracking service is our duty-bound responsibility. The company makes the following promises to customers:

1. Enterprise quality management system requirements:

Quality policy: market-oriented, continuous improvement of management, and meeting the needs of different users with high-quality products and services are our unremitting pursuit.

Quality objectives: 100% qualified rate of ex-factory products, ≥98% qualified rate for one-time inspection of products; customer satisfaction is greater than or equal to 95%; qualified performance rate is guaranteed to be 100%.

2. Product manufacturing standards and quality assurance:

The company's products are produced in strict accordance with national standards, and when customers have special requirements, they are produced according to customer requirements.

1. Pre-sales: Warm reception and considerate service to customers' calls, letters and visits, and carefully answer and assist in solving technical problems raised by customers;

2. On-sale: During the production period of the product, our company can invite relevant technical personnel to the company to carry out detailed information on the product, including various data of the product and the structure diagram and working principle of the product. The main inspection work for the product is completed in the company. Guaranteed to strictly follow the requirements of the contract, and to deliver the products on time according to quality, quantity and on time. The company can provide relevant inspection standard basis for customers to confirm.

3. After-sales: In order to cooperate with customers to further do a good job in product after-sales repairs, maintenance and other service work.

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