Mounted Head Cable Tie

Mounted Head Cable Tie

The YAGE factory Mounted Head Cable Tie, which is made in China, is a specialized cable management device that is also known as a flat wire clip or flat cable clamp. It is designed to securely manage flat cables or wires, which is a task that traditional round cable clips are not suited for. The unique shape and dimensions of flat cables are accommodated by the Mounted Head Cable Ties, making them a practical and reliable solution for organizing and securing flat cables or wires in various applications. YAGE's Mounted Head Cable Ties are manufactured with high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and longevity. With their efficient design and reliable performance, these cable ties offer an effective cable management solution for a range of industries and applications.

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Product Description

Mounted Head Cable Tie advantage

The YAGE factory Mounted Head Cable Tie is a versatile cable management product that can be used for both bundling and installation of cables. This means that you can accomplish two tasks with just one product, which can save time and effort.

Mounted Head Cable Tie Feature And Application

These cable ties are designed to securely fix cable bundles to a variety of surfaces such as communication racks, walls, or ceilings. This makes them an ideal solution for cable management in different settings, including homes, offices, and industrial environments.

One notable feature of the YAGE factory Mounted Head Cable Tie is its curved nib. This unique design makes it easy to pick up the cable tie from a flat surface, allowing for faster initial threading speed during installation. This can help speed up the installation process and improve overall productivity.

the YAGE factory Mounted Head Cable Tie is a practical and efficient solution for cable management needs. With its versatility, ease of use, and reliable performance, it is an excellent choice for bundling and installing cables in a wide range of applications.

Mounted Head Cable Tie Material Central Supply system

To maintain a clean and consistent production environment, we have implemented a Central Supply Material System. This system involves mixing and drying the raw materials, and then transporting them through pipes to the machine. This method ensures that the material is kept in a controlled and clean environment, reducing the risk of contamination.

By using this Central Supply Material System, all the machines are supplied with the same level of material. This helps to ensure that each machine has the same quality of material to work with, which can lead to more consistent and accurate production results.

Overall, our Central Supply Material System is an important aspect of our manufacturing process. By using this system, we can ensure that our production environment is clean and controlled, and that all machines are supplied with the same high-quality material.

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