Metal Detectable Cable Ties
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Metal Detectable Cable Ties

YAGE Metal Detectable Cable Ties, produced by the YAGE factory in China, are also known as flat wire clips or flat cable clamps. These cable ties are specifically designed to secure and manage flat cables or wires, unlike traditional round cable clips that may not be suitable for this purpose. The unique shape and size of flat cables are accommodated by the design of these Metal Detectable Cable Ties, making them an ideal choice for organizing and securing flat cables in a variety of applications. Thanks to their reliable and efficient design, YAGE Metal Detectable Cable Ties provide a practical solution to meet various needs for cable management.

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Product Description

Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Cable ties, as the name suggests, are the straps that tie things up. The design has the function of stopping back and can only be tied tighter and tighter. There are also detachable cable ties. Divided into metal cable ties (generally stainless steel material) and plastic cable ties (generally nylon material), often used in electrical and mechanical products of cable, computer, electronic products, automotive wiring harness.

Metal Detectable Cable Ties Specification

Material Nilon
Material Brand YAGE
Flammability Of Raw Material UL 94 - V2
Humidity Absorption 2,7%-2,8% (23°C -50% R.H.)
Installation Temperature -10°C ~+85°C
Working Temperature -40°C ~+85°C
Max Sustaiaable Tempeature
For Short Time

Metal Detectable Cable Ties Appilication

This versatile nylon cable tie is an excellent solution for managing cables in a variety of settings, whether it's behind your media center or under your desk at home or in the office.

Its design allows it to easily bundle a range of cable types, such as speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables, microphones, and computer cables.

In addition to its primary use, this cable tie can also be utilized for other purposes such as handicrafts, camping, securing batteries, tying ropes or strings, and organizing wool or other materials.

With no specialized tools or skills required, using this cable tie is a breeze.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this cable tie offers long-lasting durability and reliable performance.

What's more, this eco-friendly cable tie can be reused multiple times, making it a sustainable choice that reduces waste and supports environmental protection.

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