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Magic Cable Ties

china YAGE factory Magic Cable Ties, manufactured in China, are also commonly referred to as flat wire clips or flat cable clamps. They are specifically designed to manage and secure flat cables or wires, unlike traditional round cable clips that are not suited for this purpose. The unique shape and dimensions of flat cables are accommodated by these Magic Cable Tiess, which make them ideal for use in a range of applications where flat cables or wires need to be secured and organized. With their reliable and efficient design, YAGE Magic Cable Ties provides a practical solution to meet various needs for cable management.

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Product Description

Magic Cable Ties

The use of multiple colors allows for simple identification of color-coded items, making it easy to quickly and accurately distinguish between them.

The tension control feature is user-friendly and ideal for managing thin wires with ease.

The high-quality materials used ensure that even with repeated long-term use, there will be no reduction in material quality.

In terms of cable bundling and item management, the hook and loop fasteners are the optimal choice as they offer swift protection and identification of contents, as well as facilitating simple repair and maintenance.

Magic Cable Ties size

Item NO. L (mm) W (mm) Max.Bundle Dia (mm) Remark
MGT-125 125 12 30 Other size are available
MGT-135 135 12 33
MGT-150 150 12 35
MGT-180 180 12 40
MGT-210 210 16 50
MGT-250 250 16 65
MGT-310 310 16 85
MGT-400 400 16 105
MGT-500 500 16 145

Magic Cable Ties Appilication

This nylon cable tie is an excellent solution for organizing cables in various settings, including the office, home, media centers, and drawers.

It is suitable for bundling different types of cables such as speaker, guitar, TV, microphone, and computer cables.

It is versatile and can be used for multiple applications, such as camping, handicrafts, tying ropes, fixing batteries, and securing shopping bags, strollers, or wheelchairs.

Using these cable ties is effortless and straightforward.

The high-quality materials ensure the cable ties' durability and long-lasting performance.

These cable ties are eco-friendly and sustainable as they can be reused multiple times, reducing waste and environmental impact.

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