K-type Circle Cable Clips

K-type Circle Cable Clips

YAGE K-type circle cable clips are cable management devices designed specifically to secure and organize K-type thermocouple cables. These clips are a combination of the features found in standard circle cable clips and the specific requirements of K-type thermocouple cables.

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Product Description

K-type Circle Cable Clips

YAGE K-type circle cable clips typically feature a circular base with a narrow slot or groove on one side, similar to regular circle cable clips. The K-type thermocouple cable is inserted into the slot, and the clip is then fastened to a surface using adhesive backing, screws, or other mounting options.

The design of K-type circle cable clips ensures a secure grip on the thermocouple cable without interfering with its temperature-sensing properties. They are typically made of materials that can withstand high temperatures to ensure reliable performance in temperature measurement applications.

These cable clips help to organize and route K-type thermocouple cables neatly, preventing them from tangling or hanging loosely. They also protect the cables from damage and minimize the risk of interference or inaccurate temperature readings.

K-type circle cable clips are commonly used in industrial settings, laboratories, and other applications where precise temperature measurement is required. They can be installed along pipes, machinery, or other surfaces to secure and guide the thermocouple cables in the desired configuration.

It's important to ensure that the K-type circle cable clips chosen are compatible with the specific diameter and construction of the K-type thermocouple cables being used.

K-type Circle Cable Clips Feature And Application

K-type circle cable clips are cable management accessories used to secure and organize cables in various applications. Here's what you need to know about K-type circle cable clips:

Design: K-type circle cable clips are typically made of durable plastic or metal. They feature a circular shape with a small opening on one side to hold the cable in place.

Cable Management: The main purpose of K-type circle cable clips is to manage and organize cables, preventing them from becoming tangled or causing a cluttered appearance. They help route cables neatly along walls, furniture, or other surfaces.

Installation: K-type circle cable clips are designed for easy installation. They usually have an adhesive backing or screw holes for mounting onto surfaces. The adhesive option allows for a non-permanent installation, while the screw holes offer a more secure and permanent attachment.

Cable Compatibility: K-type circle cable clips can accommodate various types of cables, including electrical cables, Ethernet cables, audio/video cables, and more. They are available in different sizes to accommodate different cable diameters.

Applications: K-type circle cable clips are commonly used in homes, offices, workshops, and other environments where cable management is essential. They can be used on walls, ceilings, desks, or any surface where cables need to be organized and kept in place.

When using K-type circle cable clips, consider the following:

Surface Compatibility: Ensure that the surface you intend to mount the cable clips on is suitable for adhesive or screw installation. Clean the surface thoroughly before applying adhesive-backed clips to ensure a secure attachment.

Cable Routing: Plan the cable routing path before installing the clips. This will help you determine the number of clips needed and ensure the cables are organized and routed efficiently.

Cable Protection: Be mindful of not overtightening the cable clips, as this could potentially damage the cables or affect their performance. The clips should provide enough support to keep the cables in place without causing unnecessary strain.

Overall, K-type circle cable clips are practical and versatile cable management accessories that help keep cables organized and tidy. They offer a convenient solution for managing cables in various environments, promoting a neat and organized appearance while reducing the risk of cable damage or entanglement.

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