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Flat Cable Clips

YAGE Flat cable clips made in China, also known as flat wire clips or flat cable clamps, are devices used to secure and manage flat cables or wires. Unlike traditional round cable clips, flat cable clips are specifically designed to accommodate the unique shape and dimensions of flat cables.

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Product Description

Flat Cable Clips

YAGE Flat cable clips typically consist of a flat base with one or more slots or grooves on the top. The flat cable is inserted into the slot, and the clip is then fastened to a surface using adhesive backing, screws, or other mounting options. The clip securely holds the flat cable in place, preventing it from moving or becoming tangled.

These clips are commonly used in applications where flat cables are used, such as in computer systems, home theaters, audio/video installations, and automotive wiring. Flat cables are often found in ribbon cables, which have multiple conductors arranged side by side in a flat configuration.

Flat cable clips are available in various sizes and designs to accommodate different widths and thicknesses of flat cables. Some clips may have multiple slots or grooves to secure multiple flat cables together, while others may have self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

The use of flat cable clips helps to organize and route flat cables neatly, minimizing the risk of cable damage, tangling, or interference. They are particularly useful in situations where space is limited, and a low-profile cable management solution is required.

Overall, flat cable clips provide a convenient and effective way to manage flat cables, ensuring a clean and organized appearance while maintaining the integrity and performance of the cables.

Flat Cable Clips Feature And Application

Secure Flat Cables: Flat cable clips are specifically designed to hold flat or ribbon cables securely in place. The clips have a flat surface with adhesive backing that can be easily attached to various surfaces, such as walls, floors, or furniture.

Cable Management: These clips help in organizing and managing flat cables, keeping them neatly arranged and preventing them from tangling or getting damaged. They hold the cables in position, reducing clutter and making it easier to identify and trace specific cables.

Easy Installation: Flat cable clips are typically self-adhesive, making them easy to install. The adhesive backing allows you to stick them directly to surfaces without the need for drilling or additional hardware. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry before applying the clip for optimal adhesion.

Versatility: Flat cable clips come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different flat cable widths and quantities. They can secure single flat cables or multiple cables together, depending on the design of the clip.

Cable Routing: Flat cable clips are often used for routing flat cables along walls, ceilings, or other surfaces. They help to keep the cables organized and prevent them from hanging loose or obstructing the area. This is particularly useful in office spaces, server rooms, or entertainment systems where multiple flat cables need to be managed.

Flat cable clips offer a practical and efficient solution for securing and organizing flat cables in a wide range of applications. They contribute to a tidier and more organized cable management system, improving aesthetics and reducing the risk of cable damage or entanglement.

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