what does cable tie mean


what does cable tie mean

As the name suggests, cable ties are straps used to bind things. They are often seen in cables for mechanical and electrical products, computers, electronic products, and automotive wiring harnesses. When there is no need to use the cable tie, we can untie it. How to untie the cable tie has become a headache for many people. The easiest way is to cut it with scissors, but this is wasteful. The next article will tell you Introduce a recyclable method to untie cable ties, come with me to the article to have a look! 1. What does the cable tie mean?

Cable ties, as the name suggests, are belts for binding things. They are designed with a stop function, which can only be tightened more and more tightly. There are also detachable cable ties. Generally, it can be divided into nylon cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, plastic-sprayed stainless steel cable ties, etc. according to the material. , heavy tension cable ties and so on.

Commonly used in cables for electromechanical products, computers, electronic products, automotive wiring harnesses, etc.

2. How to untie the cable tie

Every time we use the cable tie, we will use scissors to cut the cable tie, so that the cable tie cannot be reused after being used once, and it is a bit wasteful. Here is a simple and practical how to untie the cable tie Methods:

In fact, every time we use the cable tie, there is no need to cut it with scissors. If we turn the cable tie over and look at it, we can see that there is a movable buckle at the position of the cable tie bayonet. This buckle is to make the cable tie tighter and tighter to hold the cable tie.

Usually we can find a sharp object, such as a toothpick, we twist the cable tie backwards, then insert the toothpick into the buckle against the buckle, and finally pull the cable tie easily by hand It comes out, so that the used cable ties can be restored to the original state, and can be used again when we use it next time. It is a very simple and practical method that can be recycled without wasting resources.

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